Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme

Victorian Emergency Dental Scheme (VEDS) is a dental scheme funded by Victorian State Government.  VEDS vouchers are issued by Community Dental Agencies eg. Latrobe Community Health Services to eligible patients.  At Valley Gentle Dental, we fully support VEDS and you can rest assured that you will be well looked after by our dentists.

If you have been issued with a VEDS voucher, ring us on 03-51748338 to book for your dental appointment.  We will attempt to have your dental emergency attended to as soon as possible.

When a Community Dental Agency (CDA) is unable to cope with excessive cases of dental emergency, it may issue a VEDS voucher to you.  Upon receiving your VEDS voucher, you can ring our friendly receptionist to make an emergency dental appointment.  At Valley Gentle Dental, we will try to attend to your dental emergency promptly.

VEDS vouchers can be issued to the following :

1.  All children between age of 0-12.

2.  Young people aged 13 – 17 years who are health care or pensioner concession
card holders

3.  All children and young people up to 18 years of age in residential care
provided by the Children Youth & Families division of the Department of
Human Services

4.  People aged 18 years and over, who are health care or pensioner concession card
holders or dependants of concession card holders

5. All asylum seekers and refugees

There is a copayment of $28 as indicated on your VEDS voucher.

Your VEDS voucher expires 30 days from the date of issue.

The intent of the victorian dental voucher is to treat the presenting symptom only. For any further
dental needs, you may be referred back to the authorising CDA.

Treatment covered by VEDS include diagnostic xrays, fillings, extractions, initial phase of root canals, treatment of gum disease, adjustment of dentures and recementing of crowns and bridges.

Yes, we accept both VGDS and VDS vouchers.  Please be aware the copayment for these vouchers vary but will be discussed prior to any treatment.

If you have any other questions regarding VEDS, please feel free to ring our friendly receptionist on 03-51748338.  We will be more than happy to answer your enquiries.

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