Dental X-rays: Are they necessary?

Dental X-rays: Are they necessary?

Why does my dentist recommend dental X-rays? Dental X-rays are used as one of the diagnostic tools to provide your dentist with information about the health of your teeth and jaw bone. Read on to discover the benefits of dental X-rays and how often they should be taken.

Why dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays, or dental radiographs, capture images of the parts of teeth and jaw bone that are usually not visible. Hard tissues like bones and teeth absorb more radiation than soft tissues like gum and cheek, creating a contrast between these types of tissue. They in turn allow your dentist to diagnose dental caries, dental infection, cracked teeth, bone loss etc.

Who should have dental X-rays?

All adults with teeth should have dental X-rays periodically as necessary except pregnant ladies.

Children with high incidence or history of dental decay may also be candidates.

How often should you have dental X-rays?

Our Traralgon dentist will recommend dental X-rays based on history of your dental health, whether it is once a year or once every two years as necessary. Common types of dental X-rays include periapical X-rays, bitewing X-rays and OPG.  Sometimes, your dentist will use other X-rays like occlusal X-rays and lateral ceph X-rays for different purposes.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-rays are very safe.  Radiation from dental X-rays is usually not much higher than radiation from background radiation from the environment.

At Valley Gentle Dental, although the level of radiation from dental X-rays is low, precautionary steps are always taken to minimize your exposure. All our practitioners are licensed and qualified to take dental X-rays.  Our X-ray machines are inspected regularly, and all our patients are always protected by dental lead shields and thyroid collars during the use of dental X-ray machines.


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