4 Symptoms that Require Your Immediate Attention

4 Symptoms that Require Your Immediate Attention

We all use and clean our teeth everyday.  However, when it comes to looking into our mouths, we tend to not pay attention to any anomalies. Here are the 4 anomalies/symptoms we should pay attention to:

1)Wisdom tooth symptoms

Are your wisdom teeth giving you pain? Are you able to identify your jaw pain causes?  If there is not sufficient space for your wisdom teeth to erupt in mouth, they are impacted. Sometimes there may be no symptoms at all. But sometimes impacted wisdom teeth cause tenderness, swelling, redness and severe pain.  Seldom do people pay attention to them.  Other wisdom teeth symptoms include sore tooth and jaw, jaw pain headache, jaw pain when eating, jaw pain near ear and sore gum behind molar.

Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can attract a lot of plaque and food , and depending on angulation of these teeth, they may even cause a shift in the alignment of your other teeth. If you notice soreness or swelling near your wisdom teeth, it is vital to have them checked. Sometimes, it may be a good idea to have all wisdom teeth removed simultaneously under sedation at hospital to provide jaw pain relief.

At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentists with the aid of  Xrays can diagnose the need of wisdom teeth removal.  Our dentist has visiting rights to operate at Maryvale Private Hospital.


2)If you notice a loose/mobile tooth, see your dentist

While loose/mobile tooth is perfectly normal when a child is ready to lose his/her baby tooth, it is not normal for an adult to have loose/mobile tooth and you need to see a dentist about it.  The most common reason for a loose tooth in an adult is gum/periodontal disease.  And since gum or periodontal disease can cause tooth loss, it is important to consult a dentist.

Occasionally, a loose tooth can be a sign of oral cancer. A tumour can cause loss of jaw bone and supporting structure surrounding a tooth.  An accident/trauma to head and neck area to your mouth can also loosen a tooth.

At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentists can see you to find out the causes of your loose tooth.

3)Bad breath in your mouth that needs attention

Bad breath can develop as a result of  a consequence of eating food like garlic or onion. What causes bad breath even after brushing?  It could mean you are not cleaning your teeth and gums thoroughly, and as a result large increase of bacteria. But sometimes bad breath causes may include other oral related problems like gum disease, sinusitis, throat infection, tooth decay or a dental abscess.

You may not be fully aware of your bad breath problem. But if you are unable to improve on your bad breath problem by easy bad breath cures like drinking more water or using sugar free gum, consult your dentist.  Your dentist can guide you on how to cure bad breath permanently.

At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentists can help you to find out the reasons and treat your bad breath problem.



4)An Ulcer that does not heal

If you notice an ulcer, a lump or a red or white patch on your tongue, cheek or gum, and maybe bleeding gums when brushing or even bleeding gums without brushing, monitor it for a couple of weeks. If it increases in size or change its appearance, see your dentist immediate.  Oral cancer is very common and manifests itself in all different appearances. Very often, oral cancer is asymptomatic during its initial phases, but when symptomatic, it may be too advanced to treat effectively.

At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentists may help to diagnose an unresolved mouth lesion.



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