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8 Daily Habits which can ruin your teeth

Traralgon Dentists :”We all learn how to brush our teeth as part of growing up.  Remember the times we take our first steps, tie our own shoe laces, sing our first nursery rhymes?”

However, when it comes to looking after our teeth, it is unknown to most people, there are daily habits which can ruin our teeth.  Here are the 8 habits in a nutshell:

1) Using our teeth as apparatus . We all encounter a moment in time where we can’t find a bottle opener, or a pistachio nut which we are unable to remove the shell. The temptation to use your teeth as as apparatus may be great, but it is dangerous.

Your teeth are designed to bite and cut your food and to smile. While they are harder than your bones, they can still chip or fracture when they encounter similarly hard substances.  Teeth that are heavily filled are also very vulnerable to cracks requiring cracked tooth syndrome treatment and cracked tooth pain relief.

Next time don’t use your teeth as apparatus, consider using the right tool for the right job.

2) Chewing Idiosyncrasies. We have seen many people enjoy the habits of chewing on things like pencils, paper clips, ice cubes and etc. Here at Valley Gentle Dental Traralgon Dentists Clinic, our team of dentists always warn you  against these chewing idiosyncrasies. These habits can potentially be harmful for your teeth causing chipped tooth pain which requires chipped tooth repair.

If you have to chew  while you work, chew on a piece of sugar-free chewing gum.

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3) Spending too much time in sports activities. Latest studies suggest long sessions of sports activities are detrimental to teeth. These activities reduce your salivary flow, which in turn cause your teeth to be prone to decay.  Sports drinks which are usually consumed in conjunction with sports activities are loaded with sugar.  These drinks will damage your teeth.

If you have to drink, drink water.

4) Grinding . Have you notice, sometimes when you are late for work or school, or sometimes you have to meet a certain deadline for your project, you seem to be clenching teeth while awake? Subconsciously, clenching of jaw leads to grinding of your teeth.  If you grind your teeth too regularly, you may wear down your teeth causing severe sensitivity.  If you grind your teeth while asleep, you may be suffering from bruxism.  Teeth grinding in babies or teeth grinding in children are however common.

Here at Valley Gentle Dental Traralgon Dentists Clinic, if you are diagnosed with teeth grinding, we can make you a custom nightguard or teeth grinding mouth guard as teeth grinding treatment or teeth grinding solutions.  We use Pride Dental Care as providers of all our lab work.

5) Contact sports. We love our footy.  But how many of your teammates wear a proper mouth guard?  Many of injuries at footy field are avoidable including cracked front tooth, small chipped tooth and slightly chipped tooth.

Consult us today at Valley Gentle Dental Traralgon Dentists clinic, for a custom made mouth guard.  We can even use your team colour.

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6) Brushing immediately after you eat. Most people are unaware that cleaning your teeth immediately you eat can be harmful. Acids created by your saliva to dissolve food exist most during and immediately after meals.

To counter the acids, you can consider chewing on a piece of sugar free chewing gum or even a piece of cheese before you clean your teeth.

7) Brushing too hard. Do you use a medium or hard tooth brush?  If you do, the bristles of these toothbrushes may have caused irreversible damage to your gum.  As a result, you may suffer from sore gums and teeth.

Brushing too hard can also contribute to receding gum.  These in long term may result in sensitivity of your teeth or in severe cases nerves of teeth dying.  Sensitive teeth symptoms or sensitive teeth pain can be overcome by using sensitive teeth toothpaste.

Consider using a soft toothbrush or an electric toothbrush to avoid irreversible damage to your gum.

8. Brushing with natural toothpaste.  Many people enjoy using natural products eg. fluoride free natural toothpaste, charcoal toothpaste etc.  These products lack of one vital ingredient : fluoride.  Without the presence of fluoride, your teeth can be more vulnerable to decay.

At Valley Gentle Dental Traralgon Dentists Clinic, we recommend the use of fluoride containing toothpaste when you clean your teeth.  Toothpastes with Novamin or Arginine  are useful to reduce sensitivity of teeth and sore gums.

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