Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

What is a white filling? A composite filling or a white filling is a tooth coloured restoration placed on to the surfaces of a tooth with the purpose to seal and restore the missing parts of a tooth. A composite filling, like amalgam fillings, has excellent wear property and when polished, it resembles the structure and appearance of a normal tooth.

Composite filling vs Amalgam.  Which one is better?  Are white fillings better?  Currently, a composite resin restoration is widely used and has become more popular than the silver amalgam filling.  White fillings cost is similar to silver fillings.  At Valley Gentle Dental, our default choice of filling is composite filling, and our dentist is highly experienced in selecting suitable colour of composite resin filling to match your existing tooth.

When do we use composite fillings?

  • To restore chipped tooth enamel and chipped tooth filling
  • To mask discoloured tooth enamel and discoloured tooth after trauma
  • To close unwanted spaces between teeth especially diastema
  • To fill decayed tooth eg. sore tooth when eating sweets
  • To protect sensitive tooth eg. hairline cracks in tooth
  • To rebuild worn tooth eg. broken molar tooth or tooth with broken cusp

Composite filling procedure:

At your initial visit, our dentist will take X-ray of your tooth and check to ensure your tooth is suitable to receive a composite filling.  Once we establish the suitability of your tooth, your tooth will then be prepared to a certain specification while under local anaesthetic or sedation . Our dentist will  then bond the composite resin bonding on to your tooth surface before contouring and polishing it to enhance its smooth texture and appearance.  Composite fillings for front teeth are more technique sensitive as the colour of the fillings is of paramount importance.

How long do composite fillings last?  How often do you have to get fillings replaced?

A composite filling lifespan depends on how well it is done and looked after.  On average, a composite filling lasts between 5-8 years.  Proper care of your composite filling, good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist to ensure the longevity of your composite filling.

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