Each of us is blessed with 32 teeth in our permanent dentition.  Unfortunately, sometimes when teeth are diseased or traumatised and cannot be preserved, then extraction is necessary.

Tooth extraction can be straight forward but can also sometimes be challenging.  At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentist is very experienced in managing all types of extraction including surgical wisdom tooth extraction.  Wisdom tooth pain and wisdom tooth infection are common occurrences in many young adults.  Sometimes, extraction may also be carried out under sedation.  When teeth are removed, they are often replaced by dentures, porcelain bridges and implant supported prostheses.


Reasons for Extracting a Tooth

There are various reasons why a tooth has to be extracted.  They include:

  • Trauma or Disease — Due to severe trauma eg. cracked tooth root or wisdom tooth abscess, a damaged tooth may sometimes lack structural integrity to be restored properly to last. As a last resort, the tooth has to be extracted to prevent further pain and infection.
  • Orthodontic Treatment —Due to crowding or lack of adequate spaces for teeth to align well in an arch, some teeth have to be extracted to increase space available.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth — Due to wisdom teeth pain and wisdom teeth infection, wisdom teeth especially the impacted ones are often extracted.  Wisdom teeth being at the posterior portion of the arch are also difficult to clean, thus sometimes once wisdom teeth coming through, they are electively removed to prevent further wisdom teeth symptoms.
  • Baby Teeth — Due to prolonged retention of baby teeth or milk teeth, permanent teeth may sometimes be forced to erupt from either side of the baby teeth resulting in crowding.  Thus these baby teeth are extracted to allow underlying permanent teeth to erupt nicely into allocated spaces.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure- How long does it take to get a tooth pulled?  How do you pull a tooth?  Does tooth extraction hurt?

At your dental visit, our dentist will take X-ray of your tooth and check to ensure your tooth has to be extracted.  Once we establish the suitability of your tooth, your tooth will be anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic. Our dentist will check to ensure you are completely numb prior to proceed with the extraction.  At Valley Gentle Dental, our dentist is very experienced exodontist and you should rest assured that you are in safe, capable hands.

What to Expect After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction healing time varies.  Immediately after your tooth is extracted, you will be asked to bite down on sterile gauze to stop tooth extraction bleeding. Sometimes, sutures are placed to protect the wound and to allow faster healing. You will then be given instructions on tooth extraction aftercare on how to care for your wound.

It is normal to experience some postoperative tooth extraction pain, swelling, redness once the numbness has subsided.  Occasionally, pain can also be due to dry sockets.  Sometimes, you will be prescribed with antibiotics depending on what should the extraction site look like.  What not to do after a tooth extraction include vigorous exercise, constant rinsing of mouth and lodging food into extraction sockets.

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